The father of the Corey Micciolo is seen ‘weeping’ but not really crying.


A six-year-old boy allegedly abused to dying via his father suffered deadly coronary heart stress earlier than a last beating fatally damaged the organ and killed him, a court docket heard. On the fifth day of Christopher Gregor’s homicide trial, the New Jersey father spent a great deal of testimony obtrusive at forensic pathologist Dr Thomas Andrew, performing emotional instances as he described the deadly accidents inflicted on his son Corey Micciolo, 6.

Andrew stated that Corey, who died in April 2021, misplaced his lifestyle due to blunt pressure accidents to his chest and abdominals, lacerations and contusions on his liver, and a laceration to his heart. The pathologist dominated Corey had signs and symptoms of ‘stress cardiomyopathy’, a coronary heart circumstance triggered by way of ongoing stress that he testified ‘suggests there was once ongoing physiological stress most possibly due to mistreatment or abuse.’

Christopher Gregor, 31, is going through homicide expenses over the demise of his son and seemed emotional as jurors heard harrowing testimony over the extent of his injuries. Corey Micciolo, 6, died in 2021 after a year of alleged abuse, with a forensic pathologist ruling he died due to blunt pressure trauma

Earlier in the trial:

The court docket used to be proven surprising pictures of Gregor forcing his son to run on a treadmill and choosing him up off the flooring numerous instances when he falls off the machine. The pictures were once taken in a New Jersey fitness center much less than two weeks earlier than Corey died, the place he used to be rushed to the health center dazed and unconscious hours after he used to be dropped at his father’s domestic by using his mother.

Corey’s mom Breanna Micciolo :

who additionally testified in opposition to Gregor’s closing week – alleged that he had by no means even met his son till a yr earlier than his death, and Corey would robotically return home from his father’s domestic with clean cuts and bruises. Prosecutors alleged that Gregor confirmed a sample of abuse for months earlier than Corey was once killed, with the forensic pathologist ruling that his purpose of demise was once blunt pressure accidents that had been administered ‘by any other person.’

Andrew, who did now not perform the post-mortem but used to be enlisted to provide his verdict quickly after the 2021 death, provided horrific new important points of the manner of the six-year-old’s demise.

Beginning with a contusion under Corey’s diaphragm:

He stated the boy suffered two great accidents to his liver, consisting of a laceration to the liver tissue that brought on blood to pool on his pelvis. Andrew testified that Corey’s physique was once additionally located to have a ‘pulmonary contusion’ to his lung inflicting inside bleeding, and a number of scalp contusions.


Corey additionally suffered a deadly laceration ‘near the tip’ of his heart, Andrew said, which was once exacerbated by using ‘chronic ongoing stress’ in his life. The on-the-spot purpose of demise used to be blunt pressure accidents on the day he died,’ the pathologist said. ‘But stress cardiomyopathy suggests there used to be ongoing physiological stress, most probable due to mistreatment or abuse.’

Corey’s mom alleges that baby-protecting offerings did not note her pleas for assistance for over a year over her son’s abuse, and shared sickening snapshots of the alleged accidents to social media.

Alongside his testimony, Andrew ran through a sequence of pix of alleged abuse that have been no longer seen to cameras, which drew audible gasps from some of the target audience as some had been viewed crying.

‘My difficulty used to be now not so tons the severity of bruising, however, the sample and distribution as being suggestive of baby abuse,’ he said.

rejected numerous theories:

Andrew additionally rejected numerous theories about how the boy misplaced his life. Early reviews indicated that Corey suffered sepsis when he died, however, Andrew stated there used to be now not ‘one scintilla of evidence’ that sepsis was once the reason for death.

Some had speculated that Corey’s accidents had been triggered by paramedics conducting CPR on him to attempt and retail his life, alternatively, Andrew testified that though he had accidents every now and then located with CPR, he did not rule that that was once the cause.

The pathologist testified that on two liver injuries, one is frequent with CPR, however ‘there used to be a 2d extra widespread damage to the proper aspect of the liver’ that went ‘deep into the tissue.’

‘It used to be now not a first-rate clean injury, so it ought to now not be’ brought about by means of CPR, he said, including he had by no means considered an damage of that kind prompted via CPR in his career.

Questioned over a timeframe for when Corey suffered his deadly injuries, Andrew stated that his two most important liver accidents have been inflicted ‘roughly’ between 4 and 12 hours earlier than he died.

Given that he was once in clinic for some time – with photos displaying Gregor carrying his son’s unconscious physique to health facility – the pathologist narrowed the timeframe down to between 9am and 1pm on the day he died, in his opinion.

Breanna used to be the first to testify at the trial, and broke down as she special the sickening abuse allegedly inflicted on her son.

Gregor solely entered the boy’s lifestyle when he was old, and on their first meeting, Corey allegedly lower back domestic to his mom with a ‘busted lip’, in accordance to Jersey Shore Online.

Gregor’s excuse:

Corey Micciolo
Corey Micciolo

Micciolo did not agree with Gregor’s excuse that he by chance kicked their son whilst taking part in soccer, however stated a DCPP caseworker familiar it and did not investigate.

For over a yr after that first meeting, she claims that Corey used to be automatically abused through Gregor, and reportedly suspected the father used to be use of as treadmill as a punishment device throughout their visitations.

During that time, his LinkedIn profile says he labored as a realtor and math teacher, with his previous work journey additionally inclusive of volunteering at intellectual fitness hotline Crisis Text Line for six months in 2015.

Before his arrest, Gregor lived at a sprawling New Jersey property valued at over $1 million, on line documents show.

In conclusion:

Andrew stated Corey ‘had contusions over a large vicinity of his body’ that indicated abuse, such as ‘on his back, except a tremendously clear explanation’ of how the boy ought to have given himself again accidents via accident.

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